Nice to see you!

My name, as you might have guessed, is Joost Agterhoek.

After a career in business journalism and a deep-dive into open source and open hardware grantmaking, I am now transitioning into cybersecurity, learning myself programming, binary analysis and exploitation, malware development and analysis.

With the Security Operations & Control Center of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, I like to automate business processes, analyze malicious content and threat hunt. In any spare time I have left, I like to make music (bass and guitar) and exercise (kickboxing).

To improve my skills in server administration (and sometimes ask myself why I like computers in the first place) I self-host this website and its subdomains. The awesome open source project YunoHost allows me to manage my domains, apps, certifications and a whole lot more through an intuitive web interface (or a terminal for when I need to dig deep). With some old hardware at home I currently have:

This website is still very much under construction :)